The Muse Writing Club…

Now more than ever our stories need to be herd.  Our voices need to be set free. 

And whatever that means for you is Perfect

You want to write a memoir for your family… Great, let’s get it done.

You need to write a YA Novel that has been nagging at your for the past 10 years… Great, let’s do more than doodle about with outlines.

You want to explore a side of your self that you’re curious about… Lets, pack our bags and go on an expedition of words and images and feelings together.



The Muse Writing Club is a place for you and me and every woman who has a desire to tell a story, capture a moment or express a feeling that needs expression.

I coach women to write their stories because I know that stories are medicine for the soul.  And right now, our world needs some serious medicine.

So what is your story?  And who are you sharing it with?

Right now mine is a collection of short stories about relationships in trouble and the struggle to recover balance. (I’ve been a relationship coach for the past 10 years so… I’ve got a few examples to pull from)  I’m thinking about self-publishing through Amazon this Fall.  I’ve never done it before, so if you’re in the club you’ll get to go through that with me.

I’ve also got a 2nd story, a historical novel, in the research phase. It’s a much longer project that is very near and dear to my heart.


Writing is a labor of love, it’s frustrating, it’s lonely at times and it can be a blissful experience too. An opportunity like no other to share your heart, thoughts, opinions, and wisdom in words for others to read and make their own.   To me, the most important thing about writing is that it is a way of life.  It’s a habit that will in some ways save your soul.


I write every day. And I always have multiple projects happening so that I can write what calls to me as well as what I have time for.  Short vignettes and poems – Haikus are my favorites – or personal essays.  I post them all here as blog posts for a quick and easy way to set them free into the world.

Bigger, longer pieces take time and often support in pulling vision into a plot and then that plot into words.  For that, I work with a creative writing group all my own.  These women and men support me, challenge me and push me to bring my voice to the table – At I-Hop once a month – so that I can become a stronger storyteller and better wordsmith.

Your story is yours. It belongs to you.

And it there is never a need – nor should there be a push to ‘formally share your story’ in the traditional publishing way.  But, your story deserves to be written and honored and collected. Your story is your life’s work.  It is your legacy.

I help women untangle the web of time and space.  We dig up the bones of your life experience and put them into the structure of your story.  As you write and rewrite and edit and revise, you breathe life into your story.

29821b5d0f141609f500bbbe848b2421You’ll find your characters and come to know them like friends. Some you like, some you love, some you hate, some are reflections of yourself.  And some are reflections of what you want to become.  There is an energy and drive to get it all out, to find out what happens and to bring it to the surface.  This is what I am here to help you do.

I’ve worked with women for more than 20 years to reclaim their stories. Some of them go on to publish, others share them with family and friends.  All of them come to heal the wounds within them while honoring their past as the path which brought them to the present.  This is the Heroine’s Journey. This is the putting together of a life through words.


How to work with me:

Writing Groups and Programs:  

I offer low-cost writing programs and groups both online and in person.

Click here to find out when the next group starts

Seasonal Writing Retreats:

The Heroine’s Journey retreats are designed to be a sweet, soft pressure free blend of productive writing and self-discovery. I keep them small and intimate with group writing time, shared space, one on one coaching and plenty of personal time to get your story out.  We share meals, stories and make personal connections to keep you writing once you leave the table.

I offer them Winter and Summer in the ancient redwood forests of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

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Personal Coaching:

Each Personal Coaching Program is designed to meet you where you are in your writing journey.  After our initial meeting, we will design a program that gives you what you need to start, work thought or finish your story.  The personal coaching programs focus on fitting into your lifestyle, vision, and budgets to meet your literary goals.   I offer both a face to face and internet through email and Skype.  

New this year is the Snail Mail Option where you send me pages every 2 weeks, I mark them up, and I send them back along with a little treat to keep you motivated.

Click here if any of the personal coaching options feels right for you.

If you’re interested in knowing more about any or all of the ways I can support you in Writing your Story, capturing your legacy, please contact me